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n.1.The quality of being alternative, or of offering a choice between two.
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Intellectual property ensures exclusivity and alternativeness (4)--so that each entrepreneur introduces his or her own differentiating features in products and services--whereas standards imply generalized and uniform obedience.
Absent mandatory standardization, the essential facility doctrine does not apply to patents because of the alternativeness condition.
Part of this strange alternativeness is that it explores primary, secondary and post-secondary, and it is aimed at student-teachers as well as teachers.
By means of stereotypical mentality, this very idea of alternativeness has also been extended to the pipelines.
Once the suits caught on that alternative, especially FM, radio was garnering audiences to rival the traditional AM staples, those stations got sucked into the mainstream, became safe money makers and so valuable that their alternativeness disappeared.
It is the crossing of different kinds of spaces that creates narrative time, whose alternativeness to the time of the present allows narrative time to become a means of realising the time of another world.
It was said that all the above distanced Soviet development from alternativeness, bringing it much closer to the capitalist model.
Expressed from the point of view of alternativeness, what did the alternative to late perestroika look like and why did the procapitalist and prodependency (imitative) alternative triumph?
Although the RHCs will face strong competition from alternativeness access carriers and other service providers, they have a number of strong advantages in offering local frame relay service including: ubiquitous local coverage, economies of scale within the LATAs, and current business relationships with the interexchange carriers.
This fundamental characteristic of intellectual property has been designated in the patent context as the principle of alternativeness.
That alternativeness makes technical standards eligible for copyright protection.
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