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The Alt key.

alt 1

Pitched in the first octave above the treble staff; high.
1. The first octave above the treble staff.
2. A note or tone in the alt octave.

[Latin altus, high; see al- in Indo-European roots.]

alt 2

adj. Informal
1. Espousing or reflecting values different from those of the establishment or of mainstream culture. Often used in combination: alt-rock music; an alt-weekly newspaper.
2. Existing outside traditional or established institutions or systems. Often used in combination: alt-fuels; an alt-lifestyle.

[Short for alternative.]


(ælt) music
1. (Classical Music) (esp of vocal music) high in pitch
2. (Classical Music) of or relating to the octave commencing with the G above the top line of the treble staff
(Classical Music) in alt in the octave directly above the treble staff
[C16: from Provençal, from Latin altus high, deep]


1. alteration.
2. alternate.
3. altitude.
4. alto.
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Noun1.alt - angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)ALT - angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
angular position - relation by which any position with respect to any other position is established
References in classic literature ?
Short of life indeed did my mother Laothoe bear me, daughter of aged Altes--of Altes who reigns over the warlike Lelegae and holds steep Pedasus on the river Satnioeis.
Homer himself was called Meles or, according to different accounts, Melesigenes or Altes.
Der alte Herr" (as in their own set the Germans called Kutuzov) "is making himself very comfortable," thought Wolzogen, and looking severely at the dishes in front of Kutuzov he began to report to "the old gentleman" the position of affairs on the left flank as Barclay had ordered him to and as he himself had seen and understood it.
Da waren Albrecht--der gute Albrecht und der alte Zim-
Contract notice: color forum altes rathaus borken | project room and art and graphic cabinet: furniture and showcase construction
BRUEs differ from ALTEs in that the criteria are more strictly defined, and they allow providers to stratify children as lower risk or higher risk for a recurrent episode or SIDS.
In such a case, Liesbeth Korthals Altes would ask the respective readers to actively reflect upon the factors through which they attribute different meanings to the same narrative texts and to explore diversity in interpretation.
The NIH Consensus Statement specifies home monitoring for infants with one or more severe episodes of ALTEs that require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or vigorous stimulation.
As we might expect with artist Marta Altes, the strength of this picture book are the illustrations.
Nope, this event does not require you to be up in arms, head organizer Bryan Altes said.
The premise was that the ALTEs resulted from toxic effects of the drug's components.
Denny Altes (R-Fort Smith), would have allowed public schools to offer "nonsectarian, nonreligious academic study of the Bible and its influence on literature, art, music, culture and politics.