alto sax


alto sax(ophone)

nAltsaxofon nt, → Altsaxophon nt
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The concert was entitled Night and Day, and we duly had a full-on jazz performance of the Cole Porter song of that name, with guest instrumentalists Helena Summerfield and Jonathan Brigg soloing impressively on alto sax and piano respectively.
By the age of 13 he had started to play the alto sax and in 1998 he relocated to Vilnius, Lithuania, where he gained attention as one of the young jazz performers to keep your eye on.
on acoustic bass, Ignacio Berroa on drums, and Phil Woods playing alto sax, and Karrin Allyson on vocals.
Al Bustan's Italian-born music director, the horn player exited the stage, returning a few moments later with alto sax in hand.
We took the early decision to have three professional musicians and for the band leader Lutz Templin (Tomm Coles) we chose someone who plays soprano sax, alto sax and clarinet.
Recreations: My children, running, swimming, music, Middlesbrough FC, Black Belt, 1st Dan,Karate, playing alto sax.
lacado gold alto sax, key of f # sharp, nozzle, and covers fajillero 4c with nozzle, rigid luggage and accessories, model yas280, yamaha or equivalent brand.
From left) Adam Birenbaum on piano, Chad Leftkowitz on tenor sax, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, Yosvanny Terry on alto sax and Clarence Penn on drums.
The band is a three-piece: a stocky, ponytailed man in a red T-shirt on drums and percussion; an older man, with swept-back hair and sports jacket, on keyboards; and the star of the show, Tom Crouch, on tenor and alto sax.
I have had lots of help with this, from guitarist Leo Appleyard who has built the website to alto sax player Ash Bonfante who has run the Facebook and twitter accounts," Sam said.
I played alto sax and while copying the sax player in The Comets, I was lying on my back playing one day when a friend, playing a trumpet, leapt in the air with the intention of landing with one foot either side of me.
From tentatively learning the recorder aged six to playing lead alto sax in the National Youth Orchestra, he's toured with such greats as Vic Damone, Buddy Greco and Al Martino.