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alto sax(ophone)

nAltsaxofon nt, → Altsaxophon nt
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The saxophone is a Yanagisawa 901 alto saxophone bearing the serial number 00284386 and the trumpet is a Yamaha Xeno, with serial number 452834.
The for alto saxophone and orchestra is an arrangement of Theodorakis' for violin and piano no 1 (1952), written by Yiannis Sambrovalakis (a musicologist and clarinetist) in 2005, for the virtuoso saxophonist Theodore Kerkezos.
Amadis Dunkel, trombone; Daniel Blanc, lead alto saxophone and flute; Daniel Schlucter, alto saxophone; Alex Hendriksen, tenor saxophone; Alex Hilbe, baritone and alto saxophone; Oliver Friedli, Piano; Corcoran Holt on bass and Clyde Adams on drums, were the eight musicians from Switzerland, Lichtenstein, the Netherlands and the US who gave a new definition to the word "groovy.
Exhale features a quartet anchored by the inimitable tuba of Bob Stewart, with John Hicks on piano and organ, Cecil Brooks III on drums, and of course Arthur Blythe on alto saxophone.
The most notable Crackers were Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, on alto saxophone and trombone, respectively.
The man himself played everything from alto saxophone to flute - even simultaneous sax and clarinet - on one occasion soloing for over ten minutes in a spellbinding display of virtuosity.
He took an alto saxophone and made us one with eagles .
National Endowment for the Arts has awarded the Eugene Symphony an NEA Art Works grant for $20,000 to support a concert and residency with NEA Jazz Master and alto saxophone player Branford Marsalis for Jan.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society, Grades 10-12, treasurer, Grade 12; Eagles Girls Basketball Team, Grades 10-12, captain, Grades 11 and 12; Nashoba Youth Orchestra, principal second violinist, Grade 10; Immaculate Heart of Mary School band, principal alto saxophone, Grades 10-12; Trivium School Girls Soccer Team, Grade 9; weekly violin lessons and semiannual concerts, Grades 9-12.
Friday: Guitarist Tom Ford has Sam Watts on piano and Mike Fletcher on alto saxophone - the band is called Horse House and it's in the Symphony Hall cafe bar from 5pm.
The line-up remains the same - Nathaniel Facey, alto saxophone, Shaney Forbes, drums, Tom Farmer, bass and Lewis Wright, vibraphone - and their performances showcase music written by each of them.
On Saturday week, July 2, he will be in the spotlight at West Park Church, Stockton Road, Sunderland, for a rare performance of the 1956 Alto Saxophone Concerto by Ronald Binge, the British composer of light music who pioneered the cascading strings effect popularised by the Mantovani Orchestra, and who is probably best remembered today for Sailing By, the theme introducing the late-night BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast.