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n.1.(Min.) A white fibrous mineral frequently found on the walls of mines and quarries, chiefly hydrous sulphate of alumina; - also called feather alum, and hair salt.
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They are somewhat shaggy-looking, as they are spotted by gray, white and greenish shards and subhedral crystals of other soluble sulfates such as alunogen and halotrichite .
0] values from the literature for alunogen (Nordstrom 1982) and basaluminite (Adams and Rawajfih 1977).
Bigham and Nordstrom (2000) concluded that hydrobasaluminite and basaluminite (formed by the dehydration of hydrobasaluminite) should precipitate at higher pH than zaherite, and with decreasing pH the sequence should continue with aluminite, then the more crystalline jurbanite and alunogen [[Al.
Admixtures of alunogen and epsomite are reported, with no details (Eckel, 1997).
The alunogen and melanterite are probably the minerals responsible for the acidic properties of the matrix, which destroys the paper used to wrap the specimens.