2.Of a pale brown color; leather-yellow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Malkini alutaceous and disc without strong track of (Olmi) median longitudinal furrow Acknowledgments
1) alutaceous and minutely punctate, about PIS = PD, anterior margin with three sets of three teeth and two short teeth between lateral and median sets; mandible with two short basal teeth on inner margin, and distinctly incised at the base on outer margin.
Pygidium of female usually with a large apical tubercle; median lateral depressions; large rounded alutaceous speculum, basally emarginate (fig.
Pronotum transverse, finely alutaceous, moderately convex, laterally feebly explanate, distinctly and irregularly punctured; punctation somewhat coarser and denser on sides; latter subparallel, distinctly bordered, edge almost thin, rather elongately and sparsely ciliate; hind angles obliquely truncate; base bisinuate, not bordered.
Pronotum alutaceous and densely pubescent, lateral surface with areolate sculpture, more apparent in the anterior margin (Fig.
Color of basal half and sides of pronotum and elytra dull grayish-black, surface finely alutaceous; head, anterior portion of pronotum, venter and legs shining black.
7): The adult was described in detail by Froeschner (1960), and within the genus, this species can be recognized by the large terminal lobe on the peritreme and by the distinctly alutaceous coria.
Frons very delicately coriaceous to alutaceous, with very few short white setae, in some specimens darker than the rest of head, especially towards the frontal ocellus; central area slightly impressed right before the frontal ocellus.