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(ˈælvə; Spanish ˈalβa) or


(Biography) Duke of, title of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo. 1508–82, Spanish general and statesman who suppressed the Protestant revolt in the Netherlands (1567–72) and conquered Portugal (1580)


(ˈɑl vɑ)

also Alba

Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of, 1508–82, Spanish general who suppressed a Protestant rebellion in the Netherlands in 1567.
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I embarked at Alicante, reached Genoa after a prosperous voyage, and proceeded thence to Milan, where I provided myself with arms and a few soldier's accoutrements; thence it was my intention to go and take service in Piedmont, but as I was already on the road to Alessandria della Paglia, I learned that the great Duke of Alva was on his way to Flanders.
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