Alveolar processes

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the processes of the maxillary bones, containing the sockets of the teeth.

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This includes the active molding and repositioning of the deformed nasal cartilages and alveolar processes as well as the lengthening of the columella.
During these studies, the joulemetry of the intact periodontal tissue was carried out on 12 sites in the field of the second teeth on the upper and lower jaws of the left and right frontal area of the alveolar processes of the upper and lower jaw, the first premolars, and in the area of sixth teeth of upper and lower jaws on the left and right areas of the alveolar ridge in the posterior region.
This originated in alveolar processes around the root of the third mandibular molar, gradually led to buccul and lingual cortical expansion and then perforated the bone and proliferated in the soft tissue.
Pro-inflammatory effect of TNF-a and IL-6 leads to the destruction of collagen contained in the gingival connective tissue, that is to the destruction of the connective tissue attachment, and activation of osteoclasts, leading to the destruction of alveolar processes [3,10].