Alveolar processes

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the processes of the maxillary bones, containing the sockets of the teeth.

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Extension to the The terminal segment of the canal (or alveolar one of its terminal segments) ends its processes pathway at the alveolar processes of the upper front teeth (Fig.
In contrast, the dental arcade, or more specifically the maxillary dental arcade, comprises the maxillary dentition and the supporting alveolar processes of the maxillae.
HK cleft infant was seen every week, acrylic trimming was done from tissue surfaces of palatal alveolar processes to aid in alveolar segments approximation utilizing cheek pressure coming from facial and lip tapping.
This includes the active molding and repositioning of the deformed nasal cartilages and alveolar processes as well as the lengthening of the columella.
During these studies, the joulemetry of the intact periodontal tissue was carried out on 12 sites in the field of the second teeth on the upper and lower jaws of the left and right frontal area of the alveolar processes of the upper and lower jaw, the first premolars, and in the area of sixth teeth of upper and lower jaws on the left and right areas of the alveolar ridge in the posterior region.