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n.1.Same as Alveolus.
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Because we value fair production, WestBee will donate 1% of sales revenues earned in Canada to Alveole, a company which contributes to the protection of bees by setting up beehives in urban areas.
Hemoglobin, nefes alma hareketi ile akciger alveollerine gelen havadaki oksijenin basit difuzyonla alveole komsu kilcal damarlara sizmasi ile bol (kismi basinci yuksek) oksijenle karsilasir ve oksijeni baglar.
It is the geodesic dome salvaged from Berlin's Tempelhof Airport and reassembled to create a 'think tank' for artists confronted with the problem of performing or exhibiting in the huge space of Alveole 14, the city's new international centre for contemporary art and music.
Along the public street, LIN have installed an overhead 'light carpet' connecting Alveole 14 to the rest of the bunker.
La ruche que constitue la maison de lacultureMouloud-Mammeri de Tizi-Ouzou a fait sortir ses abeilles et surtout montrer au grand jour toutes les alveoles oE s'activent ces abeilles.
Une telle prise en charge evitera une deterioration des alveoles pulmonaires, dont le capital est fixe definitivement a l'age de trois ans.
Buhl had found hepatic lesions consisting of many alveoles that contained a gelatinous mass.
Cineaste On est loin du soled Le Chat dans le sac Les Bons Debarras Les Ordres La Vraie Nature de Bernadette La Maudite galette Enfants du Quebec et alveoles familiales Calendar Mariages 20H17, rue darling