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n.1.The channel of a river.
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T2 showed a more uniform distribution in cerebral cortex and subcortical nuclei of an apparently lesser amount of Pr[P.sup.D]; T3 appeared to preferentially affect the hemispheric white matter and other subcortical regions such as the alveus, the corpus callosum, the anterior commissure, and fascicles surrounding thalamus as well as other white matter formations such as fimbria, brachium of superior colliculus, medial lemniscus, and cerebral peduncles.
alveus (Hubner 1803)(Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae): species discrimination and distribution in the Iberian Peninsula.
In viviparity, at 5 weeks, the midgut and allantoic membrane, as primordia of the small intestine and bladder, form a continued alveus with the hindgut and cloaca.
Expression of myelin basic protein (MBP), produced by mature OLs, begins around the 20th gestational week in the fimbria fornicis and alveus of human fetal hippocampi (Figure 1) [31].
(42-47) Abbreviations: alv, alveus; CA1-CA4, hippocampal sectors CA 1 to 4; cf, choroidal fissure; cp, cerebral peduncle and choroid plexus; cs, collateral sulcus; Fd, fascia dentata (dentate gyrus); Fg, fusiform gyrus; hf, hippocampal fissure; Ins, insula; Lgn, lateral geniculate nucleus; lv, lateral ventricle; ot, optic tract; Phg, parahippocampal gyrus; PreS, presubiculum; Sub, subiculum; TCd, tail of the caudate nucleus (H&E, original magnifications X400 [B and E] and X200 [H]); TDP-43, original magnification X400 [C, D, F, and G]; [beta] amyloid, original magnification X200 [I]; tau, original magnification X200 [J]).
Los cortes coronales se usan para delimitar mas precisamente el limite posterior del cuerpo amigdalino, en el punto donde la sustancia gris aparece por encima del alveus y lateralmente al hipocampo.
The uncal recess and alveus were accepted as the reference points for discrimination of the anterior border of the hippocampus from the amygdala.