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Noun1.Alytes - midwife toadsAlytes - midwife toads        
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
Discoglossidae, family Discoglossidae - family of Old World toads having a fixed disklike tongue
Alytes obstetricans, obstetrical toad, midwife toad - European toad whose male carries the fertilized eggs wrapped around its hind legs until they hatch
Alytes cisternasi, midwife toad - similar in habit to Alytes obstetricians
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The Purpose of This Assignment Is to Create and Optimize the Habitat for Hazel Mouse (Muscardinus Avellanarius), Alytes Obstetricans and Grass Clover (Lanius Collurio) in the Voerstreek.
2003: Influence of advertisement calls on reproductive success in the male midwife toad Alytes obstetricians.
Even before conservationists knew what Bd was, they worried about the survival of Majorca's Alytes muletensis toads.