shortwave radio

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short′wave ra′dio

a radio that transmits or receives shortwaves.
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Together, Pai said, "these translator windows will help AM broadcasters continue to play a part in our competitive media landscape as the FCC continues to address the unique technical challenges involving AM radio."
The water company has started to increase the chemical dosing in strategic locations around its plant at the lake, Jennifer Rufo, Maynilad corporate communications head, said in an interview on Wednesday with AM radio station DZMM.
Since October 2013, the FCC has acted to give AM radio stations a bit of a "revitalization" by allowing them to add FM translators as local simulcast partners.
They will have to legislate,' Bello, speaking partly in Filipino, said in an interview over AM radio station DZMM.
The result is a report that provides an overview of the major findings from the 2015 broadcast ownership data presented by gender, ethnicity, and race;a comparison of 2015 and 2013 data in key categories for full power commercial television, Class A television, low-power television (LPTV), commercial AM radio, and commercial FM radio stations; andmore detailed information provided both in the attached tables in the appendix and in accompanying spreadsheets released in conjunction with this report.
'Wala naman kaming na-receive na major damages and casualties, marami lang cracks sa school buildings, city hall, municipal halls,' congressman Ben Evardone said in an interview over AM radio station DZMM, adding that several residents also sustained minor injuries due to falling objects during the quake.
While some may argue that the subcap limits "keep existing stronger and larger AM station owners from selling and shifting to FM stations," O'Rielly notes, "even if this was once true, the Commission's AM radio revitalization efforts, especially giving AM operators the ability to obtain and use FM translators, have curtailed or completely eliminated this distinction by improving the ability of AM radio stations to cover and serve markets.
Bernard Banac said in an interview over AM radio station DZBB.
Broadcasters appreciate Chairman Pai's leadership on the issue of AM revitalization, and we will continue working with him and Commissioners Clyburn and O'Rielly to strengthen the AM radio band."
That's key to understanding why the fate of a Class D daytime-only AM radio station with 1kw from 1 tower has captured the attention of local TV news crews.
'Before the barangay elections, the President mentioned here as being listed as a narco-politicians,' Javier, speaking in Filipino, said in an interview with AM radio station dzMM on Saturday.
With the call letters DWQZ, 97.9 Home Radio is a sister station of 882 DWIZ AM radio station.