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Noun1.Amaranthus - large widely distributed genus of chiefly coarse annual herbsAmaranthus - large widely distributed genus of chiefly coarse annual herbs
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
amaranth family, Amaranthaceae, family Amaranthaceae - cosmopolitan family of herbs and shrubs
amaranth - any of various plants of the genus Amaranthus having dense plumes of green or red flowers; often cultivated for food
Amaranthus spinosus, thorny amaranth - erect annual of tropical central Asia and Africa having a pair of divergent spines at most leaf nodes
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Which ones should I farm and why?You can plant sukuma wiki (collard greens), Swiss chard, African leafy vegetables (such as amaranthus, spider plant, nightshade, and cowpeas), cabbage, and capsicums.
A selection of hardy annuals, such as nigella, cosmos, calendula, sunflowers and amaranthus, not only looks good and can be used as cut flowers, they also attract pollinators and beneficial insects into the garden.
Salvias, begonias, petunias, fuchsia, snapdragon, marigolds, cosmos, celosia, verbenas and amaranthus - whether you grow from seed or pick up trays of plug plants in your local garden centre, make sure your plot this summer is a brilliant one!
Herbs are a given, of course, but leading chefs of the day and a growing number of people espousing vegan principles publicise their favourites like Amaranthus, better known as Love-Lies-Bleeding, with leaves that apparently taste like pea pods.
Amaranthus spinosus (L.) Spiny amaranth (Amaranthaceae) 13.
He also reported the intraspecific variation of roselle, amaranthus, lima bean and lupo in the provinces.
He noted that food items such as amaranthus (terere), sweet potatoes and pumpkins are great sources of nutrients.
Previous studies on some common vegetables consumed in Swaziland determined and reported the levels of vitamin A, iron, calcium, zinc and manganese in raw Corchorius olitorus [Malvaceae] (ligusha), Momordica involucrata [Cucurbitaceae] (inkhakha), Amaranthus spinosus [Amaranthaceae] (imbuya), Bidens pilosa [Asteraceae] (chuchuza) and Solanum nigrum [Solanaceae] (umsobo) [2, 4].
Also known as ramdana in hindi, 'amaranthus' in Greek means non-wilting.
The UAE is home to several species such as alhagi, alkali sandspurry, althea, and amaranthus among many others..