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A sulfonylurea drug, C24H34N4O5S, used to treat type 2 diabetes.

[gli-, pref. for drugs used to control hyperglycemia (variant of gly-; see glyburide) + me(thyl) + alteration of pyr(role) + (am)ide.]


n glimepirida
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TYPES AND NAMES OF DIABETES MEDICATIONS* CLASS BRAND NAMES Biguanides Glucophage, Fortamet GLP-1 receptor agonists Trulicity, Tanzeum, Bydureon, Victoza DPP-IV inhibitors Januvia, Onglyza, Nesina SGLT-2 inhibitors Invokana, Farxiga, Jardiance Sulfonylureas Amaryl, Glucotrol, DiaBeta, Glynase Insulin Tresiba, Toujeo, Afrezza, Levemir, Lantus Combination drugs Janumet, Jentadueto, Kombiglyze, Tradjenta, Kazano, Oseni * This chart provides examples of some, but not all, medications used to treat diabetes.
Comparative efficacy of two medicinal plants and Amaryl tablet (Glimepiride) in induced diabetes mellitus in rat.
However, I now started to take a drug called Amaryl, which promotes insulin secretion, every morning, since the tail of my pancreas had been surgically removed during the operation.
O paciente fez uma dieta balanceada durante toda aplicacao do metodo, no dia da coleta do material 30 minutos (trinta) antes o paciente fez um alimentacao liquida de 200 ml a base de leite de soja, banana, maca, aveia e adocante stevia e fez uso da medicacao Amaryl glimepirida 2 mg.
Caseville, Michigan: You write that generic versions of Amaryl (for diabetes) and Vasotec (for high blood pressure) often vary in color or shape, adding that you would prefer to use drugs made in America.
Drug mix-ups led to seven reported fatalities, including two deaths attributed to confusion over the Alzheimer's drug Reminyl (galantamine) and the antidiabetes drug Amaryl (glimepiride).
Another Maerdy Naser son, this time the December 2005 born Maerdy Amaryl CH21 made 4,300gns to HB Tudor, Llanilar, Aberystwyth.
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total generic dispensing rates for Allegra, Arava, Amaryl and Zithromax exceeded 87% within 30 days after the brand name counterparts became available.
Delays can cost pharma companies at least $800,000 a day in lost sales for a niche medication, such as Amaryl, an oral antidiabetic treatment, and as much as $5.