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Noun1.Amaryllidaceae - snowdropAmaryllidaceae - snowdrop; narcissus; daffodil; in some classification systems considered a subfamily of the Liliaceae
liliid monocot family - family of monocotyledonous plants of the subclass Liliidae; mostly herbs usually with petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
Liliales, order Liliales - an order of monocotyledonous plants including Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae and Iridaceae
amaryllis - bulbous plant having showy white to reddish flowers
genus Amaryllis - type genus of the Amaryllidaceae; bulbous flowering plants of southern Africa
Bomarea, genus Bomarea - large genus of tropical American vines having showy often spotted umbellate flowers; sometimes placed in family Liliaceae especially subfamily Alstroemeriaceae
genus Haemanthus, Haemanthus - genus of African deciduous or evergreen bulbous herbs: blood lilies
genus Hippeastrum - bulbous flowering plants of tropical America
genus Narcissus - Old World perennial bulbous herbs
genus Strekelia, Strekelia - a monocotyledonous genus of the amaryllis family
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Pharmacological effects of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids fueled clinical studies to use them and their synthetic derivatives in developing anti-tumor (17) and anti-Alzheimer's therapeutics.
Amaranthaceae AMARYLLIDACEAE Amaryllidaceae ANACARDIACEAE Schinus molle * APIACEAE Apiaceae Conium maculatum ASTERACEAE Ageratina sp.
Screening for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from Amaryllidaceae using silica gel thin-layer chromatography in combination with bioactivity staining.
Belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family, sternbergia hides away during hot summers, requiring very little water, and only emerges as the weather and the soil cool down.
Neuroprotective activity and acetylcholinesterase inhibition of five Amaryllidaceae species: a comparative study.
Se sembraron bulbos de 5 cm de diametro de la familia Amaryllidaceae como se observa en la Imagen 1.
Families Acanthaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Anacardiaceae, Apiaceae/Umbelliferae, Apocynaceae, Araceae, Arecaceae/Palmae, Boraginaceae, Convolvulaceae, Moraceae, Myrtaceae, Piperaceae, and Zingiberaceae were represented by two (2) species and the rest of the families were all represented by only one (1) species.
arrowhead Amaryllidaceae Amaryllus Family Narcissus tazetta L.
Onion originated from Western Asia (Iran) and hails from Amaryllidaceae family and its botanical name was Allium Cepa.
La clasificacion mas reciente de la familia Amaryllidaceae reconoce tres tribus para la subfamilia Allioideae: Allieae, Gilliesieae y Tulbaghieae (Chase et al.
mexicana Cruden BP-E HER AMARYLLIDACEAE Allium glandulosum Link & Otto BP-E HER Manfreda pubescens (Regel & Ortgies) BP-E HER Verh.