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The central Shinto deity, a sun goddess believed to be the ancestor of the Japanese royal family.
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Noun1.Amaterasu - central deity of Shinto; goddess personifying the sun and ancestress of the rulers of Japan
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You are the Sun God, Amaterasu, but both your divine memory and powers are in disarray following 100 years of well-deserved sleep after the last time the world needed saving.
The story of the shrines begins with Amaterasu, the Shinto deity of the universe.
Okami HD's" Amaterasu could be introduced to "Dota 2" as a courier, but Capcom first needs the support of fans to make this happen.
Japan to be a deity descended from Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess.
Within the Kirishima mountain terrain, the Takachiho-no-mine peak holds a special place in Japanese mythology as the location where the deity Ninigi, grandson of sun goddess Amaterasu, descended to earth from Heaven and established the imperial bloodline.
Los personajes no tienen nombre, y sin ser una pelicula muda, en La tortuga roja no hay dialogos, interjecciones, gritos espontaneos, y la impresionante banda sonora de Laurent Perez del Mar compone la musica que integra percusiones de madera y bambu; el color se muestra en gamas y contrastes, del negro y gris de la tormenta del naufragio o de los suenos, a los luminosos azules y verdes del dia, y el rojo, quiza homenaje al sol del Lejano Oriente y a la diosa Amaterasu, presente en el caparazon.
Buddhalocana), Ichiji Kinrin, Amaterasu, and Juichimen Kannon (Skt.
At the end of Part II, Duthie turns to the representation of Prince Karu, who reigned as the sovereign Monmu from 679 to 707 as heir to his grandfather Tenmu, in such poems by Hitomaro as Man 'yoshu 45-49 on Prince Karu's travels to the Aki fields and poems on the Fujiwara palace, exploring also the ways in which this portrayal of Karu as heir to Tenmu has aspects that suggest "an early expression of the relationship between the imperial lineage and [a regional] Ise cult of Amaterasu that would be developed and institutionalized more fully in the eighth century" (p.
With the help of a Japanese-English dictionary, she claims, she has discovered or decided that the name Michael gave her, Anomalisa, is a rough equivalent of Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of heaven.
With a history stretching over millennia, however, the Japanese royal family are understood to owe their direct origins to the sun-goddess Amaterasu.
Los japoneses son parte del pueblo del Sol Naciente, todos emparentados con la diosa Amaterasu, un ente que segun el relato que se analice puede ser una figura celestial (diosa abstracta) a una figura antropologica divina que cumple el rol de emperatriz y que se relaciona a lo japones por su relacion de parentesco.
Amaterasu, the sun goddess, known for her predilection towards hiding in caves when in a bad mood, must be pleased with this year's efforts.