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or amb.,

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Now imagine a Priest, whose mouth is at M, and whose front semicircle(AMB) is consequently coloured red, while his hinder semicircle is green; so that the diameter AB divides the green from the red.
According to a press release, Amb. El Hillo noted during the visit that Liberia has made tremendous progress over the last decade in peace building initiatives, making specific mention of the much publicized June 7 protest.
Mr Marr said: "We are excited to join forces with AMB and believe this partnership will significantly accelerate geographic expansion.
Amb Jaime Ledda (Netherlands) P11.80 million with $220,553
'Against this backdrop, Amb. Abduljalil took over and set about his enormous take of bleeding morale and steady the ship to take the course of its original mandate.
There are some inherent losses within AMBs. The radial magnetic force exerted on a rotor by an AMB becomes weaker when the rotor spins at a sufficiently high speed.
Hence, our results clearly demonstrate that AmB abolishes the cytotoxic activity of CpG in MCF-7 cells.
In this study, we further investigated the potential of AmB to induce ROS and RNS and looked at the interplay between these toxic radicals and their accumulation kinetics, thereby linking these events to AmB's killing capacity.
Sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Amb Formation is based on the integration of the outcrop, microfacies and foraminiferal biostratigraphic information.
AMB was diluted firstly in 5% glucose and subsequently in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and was given intraperitoneally (ip).