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n.1.See Ambergris.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I cannot forget one of the attendants of the king, that, at a feast made by this monster of excess, eat to his single share a whole pye, reckoned to my lord at ten pounds, being composed of ambergrease, magisterial of pearl, musk, &c.; yet was so far (as he told me) from being sweet in the morning, that he almost poisoned his whole family, flying himself, like the satyr, from his own stink....
(15) The diction and phrasing of these lines resemble those of the Rubaiyat: A diver springing darkly to the brim Of the full sapphire river as it rolled Under palm shadows over sands of gold Along the balmy vale of Almahim: Brought up what seem'd a piece of common mould, But of so rare a fragrance that he cried-- "Mine eyes are dim with diving--thou'rt no piece Of common earth, but musk or ambergrease." "I am but common earth," the clod replied-- "But once within my dusky bosom grew The Rose, and so insinuated through Her aromatic fibres day by day, That time her virtue never will subdue, Nor all the rambling water wash away." (Letters, 1:401)
We can only assume the use of ambergrease (a waxy substance secreted by the sperm whale and used in perfume) or orangeflower water was for flavor.