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Statistical data on text, metric changes, voicing, mode, ambitus, and even whether or not the basso continuo part includes a textual incipit occupy a further fifteen pages of fine print (pp.
For each individual, 2 diameters were recorded across the ambitus (each perpendicular to the other) and averaged.
Under the statute, ambitus included "payment of men to greet a candidate or to follow him," reserving seats for voters at public games, and giving free banquets.
See for example the discussion of the Roman ambitus in Robinson (1992, 33-38).
Wistreich notes that the two-octave ambitus of the one found the second edition of Vincenzo Galilei's Fronimo of 1584 bears witness to the ever-wider ranges cultivated by Brancaccio and his colleagues.
Furthermore, his narrow acquittal--a tied vote--on a charge of ambitus in 116 before a jury composed of equites would have been much more decisive had he possessed exceptional influence over them.
In the current article, the term tropos will be used to refer to any scale that is defined by a characteristic intervallic configuration; whereas, the term mode will be used to refer to any of the eight members of the Byzantine modal system, known as Octaechos, that is defined by its ambitus and final.
Consilia, quibus ambitus humanus constituitur, possunt ergo structuras proprias peccati parere, quae impediunt ne, qui iisdem varie premuntur, plene se qua homines perficiant.
Tags on jaws are more accurate than tags on test ossicles because ossicles move toward the oral surface during growth (Duetler, 1926), requiring matching ossicles at the time of tagging with ambitus ossicles at the time of collection (Ebert, 1988).
Pejorative meaning emerges with the opening phrase, "Care charminge sleepe, ye easer of all woes" (bars 1-3), which begins with a static melody, on the repeated note of A (bar 1), with an ambitus of a minor third.
It is preceded by a useful mention of the vocal ambitus of each of the five voices (three sopranos, alto, and bass), and followed by a detailed critical apparatus which first clearly sets out all text spelling and musical notation choices of the editor (cleffing, basso continuo figures, key signatures and other alterations, dynamics, and articulation marks), and consequently explains the corrections the editor made to the score.
Test diameter was measured at 2 perpendicular points across the ambitus using calipers, and individuals were weighed to the nearest milligram.