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If I were to make a completely new character I would be Sith Lord Darth Ambitus (I kind of searched for the Latin translation of revolution, so yeah).
Thirty sea urchins from the initial collection (henceforth Baseline), all fed sea urchins (henceforth Fed), and 30 sea urchins from the second collection from the field population (henceforth Field) were measured at two perpendicular points across the ambitus (test diameter) by using calipers, weighed by immersion (mass determined in water) to the nearest milligram, and dissected.
You can also go to the PASYKAF offices, ACS Air Courier, Ambitus Fitness Gym, Bojo Boutique, Mariann's Dance and Fitness Studio, or Irida Virtual Reality World to pick up your ticket for some real Zumba fun.
Statistical data on text, metric changes, voicing, mode, ambitus, and even whether or not the basso continuo part includes a textual incipit occupy a further fifteen pages of fine print (pp.
The ordinary listener's scale-degree representation does not fall within the ambitus of the cognitivist conception of perception as belief.
In the present study, Lumbrineris latreilli was found attached to the test on the aboral side between the ambitus and the genital plates and, accordingly, the polychaete may feed on the undigested organic matter released by the sea urchin S.
The longer diameter of sea urchin tests at the ambitus was 4 - 8 cm.
In 63 B.C., under the consulship of Cicero, the Roman Republic passed an anti-corruption statute that sought to curb the solicitation of votes, or ambitus. See NOONAN, supra note, at 39-41.