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 (äm′bə-nēz′, -nēs′, ăm′-) or Am·boi·nese (-boi-)
n. pl. Ambonese or Amboinese
1. A native or inhabitant of Ambon.
2. The variety of Malay spoken on Ambon, used as lingua franca is nearby regions of the Moluccas.
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The Ambon jihad began after the first wave of violence in January 1999, during which Ambonese Christians had targeted Muslim migrants, destroying their market stalls, burning their houses and driving them out of Ambon.
(1) The German-born soldier-naturalist Rumphius collected information on more than 2,000 Ambonese plants over five decades, between 1653, when he arrived on the island as a servant of the Dutch East India Company, until his death in 1702.
1817 - Ambonese uprising against Dutch authority, under T Matulesia
He cites the account of an Ambonese captain who was told of the habits of the birds of paradise by traders at Seram Laut, a principal market for New Guinea goods.
This ethnic group was born from the combination of various groups such as Sundanese, Malay, Javanese, Arab, Balinese, Bugis, Makassarese, Ambonese, and Chinese.
These are the Batak in North Sumatra, the Dayak in Kalimantan, the Ambonese in the Moluccas, the Javanese, the Sundanese, the Balinese, the Acehnese, and the Minangkabau, each with a different language.
Debora gored no 'citron Ambonese nob,' man, or 'Ticonderoga-robed tar'!"
I'm Chinese-Sundanese with fair skin and straight hair, one friend is Presbyterian Ambonese (an ethnic group from the Maluku Islands) with dark skin and wavy hair, and our other friend is Muslim Javanese with light brown skin and straight hair.
After independence (1949), it was managed by leaders from the Ambonese community.
The Ambonese Herbal Georgius Everhardus Rumphius; translated by E.M.