Ambrose Bierce

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Noun1.Ambrose Bierce - United States writer of caustic wit (1842-1914)
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written by one Ambrose Bierce, an avowed and confirmed misanthrope of the period: "Grapeshot, n.
Even though they might seem like a very electronic invention, emoticons are said to have been first suggested back in 1887 by Ambrose Bierce Bierce, who thought of adding a smiley face character to the set of already established punctuation marks.
Obscured Hurts: The Civil War Writing of Henry James and Ambrose Bierce.
Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife: The Civil War and the Emergence of an American Writer
Driving through the Chihuahua Desert, they retrace the route of nineteenth-century American writer Ambrose Bierce (who disappeared during the Mexican Revolution) and try to piece together their lives after a devastating incident involving their adolescent son.
The two stories I analyze in order to show their distinctiveness are "One of the Missing" (1888) by the US-American writer Ambrose Bierce and "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" ("The Manuscript from Kitab-An") by Macedonian writer Vlada Uroshevic.
En 1911, el escritor y aventurero de San Francisco Ambrose Bierce publico El diccionario del diablo.
19) Ambrose Bierce, "The Coup de Grace" (1889), http://www.
This subjective quality used in Mailer's war fiction and reporting owes a great debt to the war writings of the Civil War authors Ambrose Bierce and Stephen Crane.
Speak when you're angry and you'll give the best speech you'll ever regret,'' said Ambrose Bierce.
A quick glance through the A and B sections of the Index, for example, reveals references to Henry Adams, Aeschylus, Bagehot, Barbey d'Aurevilly, Kingsley Amis, Antisthenes the Cynic, Hannah Arendt, Gertrude Atherton, Letitia Baldridge, Balzac, Barres, Clive Bell, Hilaire Belloc, Aphra Ben, Saul Bellow, Ambrose Bierce, Louis de Bonald, William Buckley, Robert Bork, Bossuet, Ted Bundy, Jacob Burckhardt, Edmund Burke, and James Burnham.
Ambrose Bierce said that war was "God's way of teaching Americans geography.