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 (ăm′brōz′), Saint ad 340?-397.
Writer, composer, and bishop of Milan (374-397) who imposed orthodoxy on the early Christian Church.

Am·bro′sian (ăm-brō′zhən) adj.
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Adj.1.Ambrosian - of or by or relating to Saint AmbroseAmbrosian - of or by or relating to Saint Ambrose; "Ambrosian chants"
2.Ambrosian - extremely pleasing to the tasteambrosian - extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant; "a nectarous drink"; "ambrosial food"
tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
3.Ambrosian - worthy of the godsambrosian - worthy of the gods      
heavenly - of or belonging to heaven or god
References in classic literature ?
We wished to go to the Ambrosian Library, and we did that also.
She raised her eyes and saw him looking down at her thoughtfully over that ambrosian beard of his, like Jove at a mortal.
Down to the 7th century, Lent began with Quadragesima Sunday [the Sunday after Ash Wednesday], as it still does in the Ambrosian rite.
This hymn is written in what is called "iambic dimeter acatalectic," the Ambrosian measure widely used in hymns of the Church at that time.
32) Its first sentence reads: "In the Ambrosian Library in Milan there is a Hebrew Bible from the thirteenth century that contains precious miniatures.
contemporaneous with passio Luciae) --Lanery, 284: before mid-fifth century Passio Agnetis et Numerous --CPL: reference to Emerentianae (BHL editions, due to Saliou (1990), 286, 156) (II) attribution to note 8, who does Ambrose in the not deem Ambrosian past.
Early in these years, he visited in Milan the archive of the archdiocese in the Ambrosian Library, where he came upon 39 bound volumes of manuscripts concerning his own diocese in the post-Tridentine era.
You may have heard of Gregorian chant, but did you know there are many forms of chant, including Ambrosian and Byzantine chant?
In the online news site of Sale della Comunita (an association of movie theaters, which is located in different provinces within the Ambrosian Diocese and handles film selection and distribution), one of the female critics, Arianna Prevedello, assertively stated:
21 Inferiore of the Ambrosian Library in Milan, taking into account other manuscripts, which are described and evaluated in the introduction.
Moved by the sight, chaplain Andres de Vera sang the Ambrosian Hymn.
Hoffman, director of Ambrosian Associates in Pastoral Counseling in Spencer, said in a letter to Mr.