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(æmˈtʃɪt kə)

an island off the coast of SW Alaska, in the W part of the Aleutian Islands.
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Previous reported range.--Ventura, CA to Southeastern Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (west to Amchitka Island, AK) (Kramer et al.
1971: A 5 megaton warhead is detonated on Amchitka island in the Aleutian Islands - the biggest underground nuclear test ever by the US.
But it faceda violent storm immediately following departure after drifting for eight months in the Northern Sea, the ship finally landed on the coast of Amchitka of the Aleutian Islands.
Powers et al., "Scientific research, stakeholders, and policy: continuing dialogue during research on radionuclides on Amchitka Island, Alaska," Journal of Environmental Management, vol.
Up and down the West Coast, middle-class men and women discovered new convictions about the anti-nuclear movement through the folk music of Phil Ochs and Joni Mitchell, both of whom played at Vancouver's Amchitka benefit concert in 1970 (Pedelty, 2013).
Experimental studies of algal canopy interactions in a sea-otter dominated kelp community at Amchitka Island, Alaska.
nuclear tests on Amchitka Island in 1960, while Japan and New Zealand
Previous sampling of freshwater fishes included surveys of fisheries resources at Adak Island (Palmer, 1995) and biomonitoring surveys at Amchitka Island (Valdez el al., 1977).
In the Tanaga and Amchitka areas, we further divided the study areas into subareas, Amchitka North and South and Tanaga East and West (Fig.
detonates beneath Amchitka in the Aleutian Islands.
Those were mostly in Nevada but included individual tests in New Mexico, Mississippi, Colorado, and Amchitka in the Aleutian Islands.
The highest current velocities were predicted around Seguam and Amukta passes, and some additional areas of high current were predicted on the east side of Amchitka Pass.