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n. Mythology
Variant of Amun.


 (ā-mĕn′, ä-mĕn′)
Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express assent or approval.

[Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin āmēn, from Greek, from Hebrew 'āmēn, certainly, verily, from 'āman, to be firm; see ʔmn in Semitic roots.]
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(ˌeɪˈmɛn; ˌɑːˈmɛn)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) so be it!: a term used at the end of a prayer or religious statement
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the use of the word amen, as at the end of a prayer
2. say amen to to express strong approval of or support for (an assertion, hope, etc)
[C13: via Late Latin via Greek from Hebrew āmēn certainly]


(ˈɑːmən) ,




(Non-European Myth & Legend) Egyptian myth a local Theban god, having a ram's head and symbolizing life and fertility, identified by the Egyptians with the national deity Amen-Ra
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(ˈeɪˈmɛn, ˈɑˈmɛn)

1. it is so; so be it (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement).
2. an utterance of the interjection “amen.”
3. an expression of concurrence or assent: The committee gave its amen to the proposal.
[before 1000; Middle English, Old English < Late Latin < Greek < Hebrew āmēn]


or A•mon

(ˈɑ mən)

a primeval Egyptian deity, worshiped, esp. at Thebes, as the personification of air or breath and represented as either a ram or a goose: later identified with Amen-Ra.
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Noun1.amen - a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breathAmen - a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath; worshipped especially at Thebes
Egyptian deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Egyptians
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A. EXCLamén
amen to thatasí sea, ojalá sea así
B. Namén m
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[ˌɑːˈmɛn] excl
(endorsing a comment) amen to that! → tout à fait !
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interjamen; amen to that! (fig inf)ja, wahrlich or fürwahr! (hum)
nAmen nt; we’ll all say amen to that (fig inf)wir befürworten das alle, wir sind alle dafür
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[ˈɑːˈmɛn] exclcosì sia, amen
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(ˌaːgmen) , (ˌeiˈmen) interjection, noun
(usually Amen) said or sung by Jews or Christians to express a wish that the prayer should be fulfilled.
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