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Noun1.Ameiurus - type genus of the Ameiuridae: bullhead catfishesAmeiurus - type genus of the Ameiuridae: bullhead catfishes
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Ameiuridae, family Ameiuridae - North American catfishes
bullhead catfish, bullhead - any of several common freshwater catfishes of the United States
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mirabilis Ameiurus melas Gills Mizelle & and others Cronin, 1943 C pricei Ictalurus Gills Mizelle & punctatus and Cronin, 1943 others C.
Biomarkers of oxidative stress and genotoxicity in livers of field-collected brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus.
Chemical orientation of brown bullheads, Ameiurus nebulosus, under different flow conditions.
Species with the strongest positive associations with CA I include Percina sciera, Pimephales promelas, Percina carbonaria, Etheostoma spectabile, and Ameiurus natalis (Fig.
1) Species 1884 1937 Bullhead catfishes (Ictaluridae) Flathead catfish, Pylodictis olivaris X Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus X Brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus X X Carp (Cyprinidae) Common carp, Cyprinius carpio carpio X X Ide, Leuciscus idus auratus X Goldfish, Carassius auratous X Tench, Tinca tinca X Suckers (Catostomidae) Buffalo, Ictiobus sp.
Three species (black bullhead, Ameiurus melas, tadpole madtom, Noturus gyrinus, and sea catfish, Arius felis) were represented by single individuals.
The blue catfish Ictalurusfurcatus (Lesueur 1840) is one of the Nearctic freshwater fish species of the Atlantic slope with a distribution extended to Neotropical localities as far southern as the Rio Usumacinta and the Rio Belize, Belize, where it was originally called Ameiurus meridionalis Gunther 1864 [= Ictalurus meridionalis] (Miller et al.
Three species of Ameiurus are classified as benthic invertivores, particulate herbivores, and carnivores (Goldstein & Simon 1999).
Eight species show a decrease with Ameiurus melas, Noturus flavus, Noturus gyrinus, Erimyzon sucetta, and Moxostoma duquesnei greater than 50%.
The majority of juvenile sturgeon (60%) captured by commercial fishermen were ensnared in drift or anchored gill nets set for striped bass, white perch (Morone americana), and catfish (Ictalurus punctatus, Ameiurus catus); 40% of the captures were from pound nets principally set for menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus).
lucius, Northern pike 1 (5-1976) Cyprinidae, carps, minnows, & shiners Notemigonus crysoleucas, 2 (1-1976); 1 (5-1976) Golden shiner Pimephales notatus, Bluntnose minnow Catostomidae, suckers Catostomus commersonii, 45 (5-1976) White sucker Ictaluridae, bullheads, madtoms, & catfish Ameiurus melas, Black bullhead A.
Other species present include bluegill; largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides; black bullhead, Ameiurus melas; and the recently established northern pike, Esox lucius, which was first documented in 1998 (Paukert and Willis 2000).