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v. t.1.To enamel.
Enlightened all with stars,
And richly ameled.
- Chapman.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fentolin remarked, as amel and Gerald re-entered the dining-room.
In addition to assisting refugees, AMEL also aims to help Lebanese families who have been particularly affected by the war in neighboring Syria.
Amel's mother Fazia claims the pictures were put on a school noticeboard and the internet.
Amel continued, "Art comes from the soul and is key to documenting the story of the individual artist's real life experiences, it is a reflection of our society.
Judo fan Amel, 16, had reached brown belt status and was a member of the Scottish under-16 squad.
Amel Laouini, however, indicated that companies are currently looking to buy the Tunisian subsidiary of Cortix, but it is not clear which direction will be given to the company's business in the future.
This week, AMEL took steps in realizing this vision, by organizing a democratic vote to elect a Youth Committee to represent the interests of the NGO's six hundred plus beneficiaries, the first of its kind in Lebanon.
He added that "Amel Microfinance" will also look into the aspects related to the supervision of young promoters and their support, mainly targeting young women looking for funding for productive projects to diversify the economic base.
In episode after episode, Dollar takes us through unbelievable moments with the bank's no-nonsense executive assistant, Zeina (played by Algerian-Lebanese actress Amel Bouchoucha), and an advertising wizard, Tarek (Lebanese comedian Adel Karam), chasing the piece of paper through the city.