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(Non-European Myth & Legend) Egyptian myth the sun-god; the principal deity during the period of Theban hegemony
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or A•mon-Ra

(ˈɑ mənˈrɑ)

an Egyptian god in whom Amen and Ra were combined.
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Noun1.Amen-Ra - Egyptian sun godAmen-Ra - Egyptian sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged; principal deity during Theban supremacy
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Unfortunately, this included the mummified daughter of Egyptian pharaoh Amen-ra, who it's said went on to haunt the station, appearing and screaming so loudly that the noise carried to adjoining stations.
by Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press, a division of Amen-Ra Theological Seminary and Amen-Ra Community Assembly of California, Inc.
The first of these is the 'unlucky mummy' in the British Museum, otherwise Acquisition 22542; this is actually a painted inner coffin lid from the mummy-case of a high-status individual, and was described by the Victorian Egyptologist Ernest Wallis Budge as that of the Priestess of Amen-Ra. Its magical powers first manifested themselves in 1868 at the expense of Thomas Douglas Murray, who was said to have lost an arm in a shooting accident in Egypt immediately after acquiring the unlucky artefact.
CURSE OF THE MUMMY THE ship sank because the mummy of Amen-Ra, an Egyptian princess who died in approximately 1050BC, was in the hold.
Legend has it that Osiris Pa-Khnum cast a curse on the Titanic because the mummy of a relative - Princess Amen-Ra - was being taken to America aboard the doomed liner.
Produced by Amen-Ra Films with Peter Frankfurt and Marvel Comics; helmed by Guillermo del Toro
there is no one central controlling thesis in the text, apart from perhaps offering the Amen-Ra Seminary as a paradigm" is false.
Among the producers of the TV movies are Wesley Snipes' Amen-Ra Films, Cary Brokaw's Avenue Pictures, Goodman/Rosen Prods., Grosso-Jacobson Prods.
To invoke this legacy, Zulu decisively asserts the importance of studying, recording and learning from the variety of religious movements, cultures and civilizations in both the historical and contemporary African world community; and proposes a graduate theological education at the Amen-Ra Theological Seminary, an institution designed to prepare spiritual leaders and scholars to navigate the multifaceted terrain of religion and culture in the African world community.
The film, starring Wesley Snipes and produced by Snipes' Amen-Ra Films, will run on hundreds of screens this Christmas.
This matrix provide the essence of this presentation, and give viability to an African centered discourse on theory and practice that can incorporate the major themes in this work involving: library and information science history; African centered institution construction; a rendition of ancient Kemetic text; an annotated bibliography of key African centered text; an outline of the Amen-Ra Theological Seminary degree program and courses offerings, and a proposal for establishing a religious community inside a maximum-security facility.
New Line, already in production with the Wesley Snipes starrer "Blade: Vampire Hunter," is out to directors on the David Goyer-scripted "Venom." Columbia is pushing ahead with Snipes' company Amen-Ra on "Black Panther," with Snipes still planning to play his fave Marvel character.