Amenhotep III

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A·men·ho·tep III

 (ä′mən-hō′tĕp, ăm′ən-) also Am·e·no·phis III (ăm′ə-nō′fĭs) Died c. 1372 bc.
King of Egypt (1410-1372) who sponsored the building of many monuments, including temples at Karnak and Luxor.
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Amenhotep III

(ˌæmɛnˈhəʊtɛp) or

Amenhotpe III

(Biography) Greek name Amenophis. ?1411–?1375 bc, Egyptian pharaoh who expanded Egypt's influence by peaceful diplomacy and erected many famous buildings
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A•men•ho•tep III

(ˌɑ mənˈhoʊ tɛp, ˌæm ən-)
king of Egypt 1411?–1375 B.C. Also called Am•e•no•phis III (ˌæm əˈnoʊ fɪs)
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The head of Amenhotep III, from the New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, circa 1390-1352 BC, which was smuggled out of Egypt by antiquities arts dealer Jonathan Tokeley-Parry in the 1990s and was repatriated in 2008 with the assistance of Scotland Yard and US authorities, is now displayed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
A colossal 3000-year-old red granite head of Amenhotep III, the grandfather of Tutankhamun, has been discovered in Luxor.
But other Egyptologists say Akhenaton's predecessor, Pharaoh Amenhotep III, could have been Tutankhamen's father, while others say it was Smenkhkare, who is believed to have succeeded Akhenaton.
The imposing Temple of Karnak, in Luxor, predates other temples by 2,000 years; The stunning swimming pool on the Oberoi Zahra; One of the spectacular statues at Karnak Temple; Luxor Temple was built by Ramses II and Amenhotep III
Some important tombs that have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings are those of the pharaohs Thutmose I, Amenhotep III, Ramses X, and the boy king, Tutankhamen.
These bring the number of unearthed images of Sekhmet at the site of the temple of Pharaoh Amenhotep III to 30.
The statues were found when the team was restoring the temple of Amenhotep III, on the west bank of the southern city of Luxor.
(The physicians of ancient Egypt belonged to her priesthood.) The seven-foot-tall statues originally stood with some 600 similar ones in the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III (Dynasty 18, c.
In attempt to save jobs in the ancient car industry MG Rover went into partnership with Amenhotep III to build pyramids.