American Indian Day

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Noun1.American Indian Day - US: the 4th Friday in September
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
Sep, Sept, September - the month following August and preceding October
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In 1968, Ronald Reagan, the then- California Governor, signed a resolution calling for a holiday called American Indian Day. It was established as an official state holiday in 1998 to teach people of all ages about the tribal cultures, histories and heritage of the Native American tribes.
In the December 1915 edition of the Quarterly Journal, the resolution of the Society's Fifth Annual Conference, held at Lawrence, Kansas, proclaimed the second Saturday of every May as "American Indian Day" (Coolidge, "American Indian Day" 288).
Then, the Congress of the American Indian Association decided to formally approach implementing an American Indian Day in the United States.
In 1914, Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, rode on horseback through several states, garnering support for an American Indian Day, and in 1915, he presented the White House with the endorsements of 24 state governments.
The annual Congress of the American Indian Association meeting in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1915, formally approved to consider a plan concerning the celebration of an American Indian Day. The association's president, Rev.
It took some time and help from a few other Indian rights activists, but the first American Indian Day was finally recognized in New York in May 1916.
James), who had recently ridden his pony to state capitals across the nation to a meeting with President Woodrow Wilson to draw attention to Native concerns and to promote the SAI'S American Indian Day. (24)
An American Indian Day was promoted in schools and churches.
Caption: A great example of a men's buckskin outfit (right), Don Pepion s leading the precession at the North American Indian Days Powwow in Browning Montana.

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