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abbreviation for
(Insurance) Associate of the Institute of Actuaries


American Institute of Architects.
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In responding to the reauthorization, Blain Rethmeier, a spokesman for the American Insurance Association, said, "This feels like living paycheck to paycheck .
Tiffany O'Shea, public affairs director for the Southwest regional office of the American Insurance Association, agrees that the insurance industry is heading in that direction.
The Post and Telecommunications Ministry currently underwrites a number of life insurance products commonly known as kampo, but could expand those products in the future unless restricted, the American Insurance Association said.
1B, according to comments filed by the National Mining Association (NMA), the American Insurance Association, National Council on Compensation Insurance, National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool, the Alliance of American Insurers, and the American Iron and Steel Institute.
He also is undoubtedly the envy of counselors who have heard that he commands - and gets - $1,000 an hour from his clients, which include the Massachusetts Bar Association, Golden Gate University, Smithsonian Institution, Mortgage Bankers Association, Bureau of Business & Technology, American Insurance Association, Personnel Development Institute, and California State University at Fullerton.
The bill's insurance requirements match that of model legislation struck two years ago by the American Insurance Association, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, several auto insurers and Uber.
Before joining Citigroup, Griffin was assistant vice president, Government Affairs, for the American Insurance Association (AIA) from 1992 to 2000.
Since Sandy, the American Insurance Association has worked closely with policymakers and regulators to achieve better post-catastrophe regulatory certainty and performance.
The American Insurance Association lobbied strongly in opposition to the provision.
Phillip Schwartz, vice president-accounting and financial reporting for the American Insurance Association, told the Working Group on Loss Reserve Discounting meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that "insurers should not be permitted to value any loss reserves on a discounted basis other than those reserves where discounting already may be permitted by statute or regulation.
It is prudent to take action before an earthquake or hurricane to diminish damages,"' said Marc Racicot, president of the American Insurance Association (AIA).
The best thing to do is to extend the program and get two more years of data," said Gary Karr, director of federal media relations at the American Insurance Association.

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