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Several reports claim Bruce Lee first developed the concept of "Warrior," about a martial artist in the American Old West in 1971.
PORTLAND, Maine -- A buyer with a penchant for vintage denim has plunked down nearly $100,000 for a pair of truly vintage blue jeans that come from the American Old West.
His book "Kill Slade - A John Slade Western" is a fictional account based on some of those western stars he so admired and with actual stories of the American Old West, especially the stories of the Texas Rangers.
The come to period of Old West frontier open The shootout has come to represent a period of the American Old West when the frontier was virtually an open range for outlaws..., largely unopposed by law enforcement officers who were spread thin over vast territories.
Otherwise known as Robert Leroy Parker (left) and Harry Alonzo Lonabaugh, the duo were notorious in the American Old West after a series of train and bank robberies.
?Googling a runner Wes Hardin 1.10 Thurles John Wesley Hardin (1853-1895) was an American Old West outlaw, gunfighter and controversial folk icon.
A Disney film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, "The Lone Ranger" is based on the fictional American Old West character of the same name.
Others have referenced Mississippi death cults from the 1200s, an infamous NYC barbershop blaze from 1891 and the bronco-riding frontiersmen of the American Old West.
In the American Old West, some 130 years ago, a horseback-riding U.S.

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