American Revolutionary War

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Noun1.American Revolutionary War - the revolution of the American Colonies against Great BritainAmerican Revolutionary War - the revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain; 1775-1783
battle of Bunker Hill, Bunker Hill - the first important battle of the American War of Independence (1775) which was fought at Breed's Hill; the British defeated the colonial forces
battle of Cowpens, Cowpens - battle in the American Revolution; Americans under Daniel Morgan defeated the British
Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga - a pitched battle in which American revolutionary troops captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British in 1775
Lexington and Concord, Lexington, Concord - the first battle of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775)
Battle of Monmouth, Battle of Monmouth Court House, Monmouth Court House - a pitched battle in New Jersey during the American Revolution (1778) that ended with the withdrawal of British forces
battle of Saratoga, Saratoga - a battle during the American Revolution (1777); the British under Burgoyne were defeated
siege of Yorktown, Yorktown - in 1781 the British under Cornwallis surrendered after a siege of three weeks by American and French troops; the surrender ended the American Revolution
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Chapter five is a valuable addition to the scholarship on British responses to the American Revolutionary War.
We believe the Saratoga is a turning point for tactical wheeled vehicles just as the Battle of Saratoga is considered the turning point of the American Revolutionary War," said Massicotte.
In 1783, Britain's King George III proclaimed a formal cessation of hostilities in the American Revolutionary War.
From the American Revolutionary War to the events of September 11, 2001, the National Park Service and National Park Foundation work to protect the memory of those lost in service to their country.
We are on Brant's block, part of the 1000 acres granted to Joseph Brant for his service and loyalty during the American Revolutionary War.
Reporting the Revolutionary War is an extraordinary, coffee-table sized collection of colonial newspaper articles, town broadsheets, private correspondence, battlefield letters, and more telling the story of the American Revolutionary War as the fledgling nation's people witnessed it firsthand.
During the American Revolutionary War (1776-1784) the fort was used by the British as a main supply base and springboard for a number of raids into the upper colonies of New York and Pennsylvania by American Loyalist and regular force troops with support of their Six Nations allies.
The latest trailer for "Assassin's Creed III" focuses on Desmond himself and promises that the game will delve just as heavily into his backstory as it will into that of Connor Kenway, an assassin during the American Revolutionary War.
Beginning in the 1780s and concluding in the 1820s, Taylor unpacks the history of the Great Lakes borderlands throughout the Age of Revolution and argues persuasively that the War of 1812, rather than the American Revolutionary War, was the decisive turning point for this region, the moment that determined what both Ontario and the American Midwest would become in the nineteenth century.
In the latter years of the American Revolutionary War and in the immediate post-Revolutionary period, many of the wealthy and powerful leaders of the Revolution began to worry that the rhetoric of revolution would pose problems for maintaining control over the economy and political institutions.
is a take on the history of the American Revolutionary War sure to fascinate readers of all ages.
They arrived just a few months before the American Revolutionary War broke out, and Mackenzie's aunts promptly sent him north to Canada for his own safety.

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