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Noun1.southeastern United States - the southeastern region of the United Statessoutheastern United States - the southeastern region of the United States
eastern United States, East - the region of the United States lying to the north of the Ohio River and to the east of the Mississippi River
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Its facade typifies the Spanish Revival style popular in the American Southeast before World War II.
A delegation from England is in the Upstate today, looking for ways to strengthen ties among the auto industries in the American Southeast and the northeastern region of the United Kingdom.
A key component of the program is the use of Kernza seed, as this is the first time it's been planted in the American Southeast or along a highway.
Instead Alejandra Dubcovsky unfolds these two histories together, by focusing upon what they shared: the communications that traveled along the Indian pathways of the North American Southeast. Europeans arriving in the New World quickly realized that it was only by working through Indian pathways of communication that they could come to know and benefit from the backcountry.
He was part of a team that successfully introduced the use of semi-trailers converted into peanut drying trailers and adapted drying techniques for large batches in the humid American Southeast. He has also improved peanut drying through the creation of Peanut Curing Management software and developed algorithms for setting optimum drying temperatures.
Encompassing a broad period from 1830 to 2014, Marcia Haag (linguistics, University of Oklahoma) presents translated texts and commentary on literature by indigenous linguistic and cultural groups of the American Southeast: Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Yuchi, Cherokee, Koasati, Houma, Catawba, and Atakapa.
From her earliest series, for which she responded to the deteriorating urban environments of New York and New Jersey in the 1970s, to her later works, which intertwine with oral history to excavate African American social life in rural communities of the American Southeast, Buchanan undertook a deep, empirically driven study of architecture in visual art.
As Secretary King boarded the bus for his Back to School tour of the American Southeast (see below), the Department posted on Medium a series of fact sheets highlighting the nation's educational progress over the last eight years.
A portion of these Irish and Scottish merchants and patriot American partisans highlight the intrigue and danger of the North American Southeast, given the complexity of Creek, Chickasaw, English, Spanish, French and American, competing for political and economic interest.
In 2011, the Great Southern Brood popped up across the American Southeast:
Thanks to the explorations of Spanish explorers Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon, Alvar Nflfiez Cabeza de Vaca, and narratives provided by English navigators such as Arthur Barlowe, historians have some familiarity with the peripheries of the early North American southeast. But the native history of the region's interior during the first two centuries after contact with Europeans has often proven elusive.
The Pineywoods cattle, with almost 500 years of adaptation to the brushy, wooded terrain of the American Southeast, is heat-tolerant, long-lived, resistant to parasites and diseases, and able to produce well on minimal forage.

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