American Stock Exchange

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Noun1.American Stock Exchange - a stock exchange in New YorkAmerican Stock Exchange - a stock exchange in New York  
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2 that the American Stock Exchange had accepted its compliance plan and had granted GreenMan an extension through March 20, 2006, to regain compliance with the listing standards.
The Fund is delisting its shares from the Chicago Stock Exchange and moving to the American Stock Exchange principally in order to have a specialist assigned to make a market in its shares.
The new ETF will begin trading on the American Stock Exchange today, under the symbol OTP.
There can be no assurance that the Company's plan will be accepted by the American Stock Exchange or that the Company will be able to make progress consistent with the plan if it is accepted.
Given Along's continuous and steady growth, Management of Along believes that the best interests of Along and its shareholders will be served by qualifying for and thereafter, listing its shares on the American Stock Exchange and continuing its commitment to focusing on strategic goals intended to enhance shareholder value," said Mr.
The Securities Industry Automation Corporation, known throughout the financial world as SIAC, was founded in 1972 as a subsidiary of the NYSE Group and the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

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