American dogwood

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Noun1.American dogwood - common North American shrub with reddish purple twigs and white flowers
cornel, dogwood, dogwood tree - a tree of shrub of the genus Cornus often having showy bracts resembling flowers
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They grow on a tree (Cornus mas) that is a first cousin of the American dogwood. But this fruit has had a loyal culinary following since ancient times based on the luxuriously floral sweetness of the syrups, puddings, drinks and confections that are made from it.
Witness the loss of the American chestnut and the slow disappearance of the American dogwood.
In the capital of North Carolina, where the dogwood is the state flower, news about a spreading blight earned this front page headline in The News and observer: "Deadly Disease Stalking Dogwoods." The New York Times environment section followed last February with, "American Dogwoods Are Unable To Resist Devastating Fungus.

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