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Noun1.American elder - common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berriesAmerican elder - common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berries; fruit used in wines and jellies
elderberry - berrylike fruit of an elder used for e.g. wines and jellies
elderberry bush, elder - any of numerous shrubs or small trees of temperate and subtropical northern hemisphere having white flowers and berrylike fruit
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Earlier this year, a group of students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky attending the March for Life in Washington sparked a nationwide controversy when a video appeared to show some of them mocking a Native American elder chanting and playing a drum near the Lincoln Memorial.
When the videos went viral, anti-Trump commentators seized on the image of Sandmann standing face-to-face with Phillips and claimed that his and others students' behavior reflected a disrespect for the Native American elder, who is also a military veteran.
The actress-activist came under fire over the weekend for the initial missive, which was a swift response to a complicated confrontation that erupted around a Kentucky teenager and a Native American elder at overlapping rallies in Washington, DC -- an ever-evolving story that changed as video clips steadily contextualised the events.
Experts say a recent showdown between Kentucky Catholic school students and a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial seemed to be stoked by a single now-shut down Twitter account.
One of the boys stands inches away from the face of Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder, who was beating a drum during the Indigenous Peoples March.
When Watson tried to leave, Tyson asked her to perform a handshake he said he had learned from a Native American elder, which involved feeling a person's pulse and staring into their eyes.
A Native American elder, a woman who died in a plane crash, and another who found out she was previously a man are all examples of past lives Sue claims she has helped uncover.
Skilled nursing can quickly top $80,000, according to 2017 estimates by the American Elder Care Research Organization.
The Native American naming ceremony, led by Phyllis Young, a prominent Native American elder and member of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, was held in honor of Jean-Louis Bourgeois, a 76-year-old wealthy activist in New York and the son of sculptor Louise Bourgeois who died in 2010 at the age of 98. is an outreach of the American Elder Care Research Organization, which helps individuals plan for long-term senior care.
Charmatz's Flip Book, 2008/2013, a japing take on Merce Cunningham via the reenactment of some 250 photographs in company archivist David Va ughan's half-century-spanning chronicle, felt like an empty gesture--especially after a panel discussion in which Charmatz admitted to having little interest in his American elder; he further flummoxed fans of the late choreographer by stating that the documented poses strung together basically add up to a Cunningham dance.

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