American elm

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American elm
Ulmus americana

American elm

A North American deciduous tree (Ulmus americana) having double serrate leaves and winged fruits. It is grown chiefly as an ornamental shade tree but often dies from Dutch elm disease.

Amer′ican elm′

an elm, Ulmus americana, of North America, cultivated for shade and ornament.
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Noun1.American elm - large ornamental tree with graceful gradually spreading branches common in eastern North AmericaAmerican elm - large ornamental tree with graceful gradually spreading branches common in eastern North America
genus Ulmus, Ulmus - type genus of family Ulmaceae; deciduous trees having simple serrate leaves; widely distributed in temperate regions
elm, elm tree - any of various trees of the genus Ulmus: important timber or shade trees
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Planted on the south of the house, a tree with a high spreading crown such as a Kentucky coffee tree or an American elm will eventually shade the roof of the house.
Flame weeders are effective for wilting leaves but are risky to use near homes, wooden structures, and trees that aren't fire-tolerant, such as American Elm.
Moving inside, the four-story, glass-enclosed commons area has seating, classrooms behind glass curtains, and a tall wall of American elm topped by a small suspended triangle chapel where students can practice their religion or pray for better grades.
The tree, an American elm, was planted by early settlers on the prairie almost 100 years ago.
American elm trees have been decimated across the eastern United States by Dutch elm disease.
UMR floodplain forest is primarily composed of silver maple, green ash, and American elm, with cottonwood, black willow, river birch, swamp white oak, hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), and box elder (Acer negundo) common in some areas (Knutson and Klaas, 1998; Urich et al, 2002).
Dutch elm disease has killed millions of American elm trees.
Chop everything on the live edge American Elm cutting board, created using only dead or dying trees, harvested with minimal equipment, and dried in a solar kiln.
The ants were found foraging in the leaf litter of a deciduous forest that contained American Elm (Ulmus americana), Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), and Pecan (Carya illinoensis).
The first three trees to receive this special designation are the Point Douglas School cottonwood, planted in 1891, the Waterloo Street American elm, planted in 1905, and the Souris Old Oak in Souris, which is believed to be approximately 550 years old and is thought to be one of the oldest trees in Manitoba.
Surely the Emeral Ash Bore and the Dutch Elm disease (elm bark beedes) that destroyed the American elm tree are just as bad.
I was the guy who bought an old potbelly stove and hooked it into the dormant coal chimney at my South Side apartment--feeding it with scraps from my woodworking projects and cut up chunks of American elm that the park district left at the curbs for the Sanitation Department to dispose of.

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