American holly

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Noun1.American holly - an evergreen treeAmerican holly - an evergreen tree      
holly - any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges
poisonous plant - a plant that when touched or ingested in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism
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Ronald was a father of four, although two of his children died before him, and American Holly had three children.
The 29-year-old former champion was ( returning to UFC after fellow American Holly Holm knocked her out in Melbourne, Australia, 13 months ago, in a highly anticipated face-off between Rousey and the defending champion.
American holly (Ilex opaca) is a tree holly that grows 40 to 50 feet high and 20 to 40 feet wide.
Yerba Mate (from the South American holly tree) contains caffeine and other stimulants found in coffee and chocolate--so you won't miss out on your morning jolt.
American Holly Ilex opaca, a small tree or large shrub, can grow up to 60 feet tall.
But he and Everett fell out and Cameron relocated to the US with American Holly.
Some of the most popular are dogwood, Cornus florida, American persimmon, Diospryos virginiana, parsley hawthorne, Crataegus marshallii and American holly, Ilex opaca.
The old American holly behind my house is showing signs of decline,.
The only tree the goats will not eat is American Holly.--Will, Texas
Nowhere else are you likely to find a taller swamp cottonwood (115 feet), winged elm (104), American holly (91), Carolina ash (82), American hornbeam (68), pawpaw (53), or possumhaw (44).
Perfecta Products Inc., meanwhile, has brought cold therapy to the ointments/antiseptic business with Freeze It, which contains aloe, vitamin E, ilex (an herbal extract from the South American holly plant), and menthol and camphor for pain relief.
The diverse collection of trees being nursed includes a 32-inch caliper Japanese maple (caliper is an instrument used to measure the diameter of a tree), one cedar, one American holly, one Kwanzan cherry, ten 10-inch caliper spruce trees, 5 white pines, one crypotmeria, 3 other Japanese maples and others.

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