American hornbeam

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Noun1.American hornbeam - tree or large shrub with grey bark and blue-green leaves that turn red-orange in autumnAmerican hornbeam - tree or large shrub with grey bark and blue-green leaves that turn red-orange in autumn
Carpinus, genus Carpinus - mostly deciduous monoecious trees or shrubs: hornbeams; sometimes placed in subfamily Carpinaceae
hornbeam - any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Carpinus
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Native trees, container grown whips with some branching, sold individually in one-gallon containers for $10, include hackberry, swamp white oak, black walnut, American hornbeam, red bud, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Allegheny serviceberry, Nannyberry and hazelnut.
It suggests that the site of Alves's project might have been home to red maples, American hornbeam, starved panic grass, prairie fleabane, and white wood aster, some of which would later be displaced by ballast flora.
Red oak 7 (4.1) 4 (1.8) Carya glabra Pignut hickory 6 (2.2) 3 (0.2) Carpinus caroliniana American hornbeam 5 (1.2) 3 (0.2) Nyssa sylvatica Black gum 1 (0.1) 1 (2.0) Maclura pomifera Osage-orange 2 (1.8) 0 Populous deltoides Eastern cottonwood 2 (0.7) 0 Prunus serotina Black cherry 4 (0.3) 2 (0.8) Quercus alba White Oak 4 (0.9) 2 (0.1) Quercus palustris Pin oak 1 (0.9) 0 Viburnum acerifolium Maple leaf vibimum 1 (0.4) 0 Crataegus spp.
And let us once again recognize that indefatigable team of Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson, who added 19 champs from Virginia including the pussy willow, American hornbeam, winged elm, and the aforementioned water tupelo.
The forest was dominated by the following trees: oak (Quercus sp.), cypress (Cupressus lusitanicus), pine (Pinus sp.), and American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana).

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