American saddlebred

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American sad·dle·bred

A three- or five-gaited high-stepping saddle horse of a breed developed in Kentucky. Also called American saddle horse.
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The farm takes pride in its American Saddlebred, the only five-gaited horse in the country.
While Bob managed the ranch much like his father had, he also bred and showed American Saddlebred horses and built a stable and track on the ranch for them.
Justin's piece Chevaux will be auctioned at the annual Equine Art, Antique and Rare Book Auction at the American Saddlebred Museum on Saturday.
Durling said of her American saddlebred. "She has some cuts on her shoulder, but otherwise she's not in really bad condition."
He was a legendary horse, who sired a record number of World Champion American Saddlebred horses.
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