American shorthair cat

Amer′ican short′hair cat′

one of a breed of muscular shorthaired domestic cats with a broad head and a short, thick coat.
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Researchers will map the genome of an American shorthair cat with neurological disease and compare it to their 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing database.
We're into February, the National Pet Dental Health Month, and Thelma, the resident American shorthair cat at the Holden Veterinarian Clinic, recently modeled proper dental hygiene.
Shine, a bobtail American shorthair cat, found his way to us through our granddaughter.
The boarding animals during the power outage were welcomed by Thelma, the popular American shorthair cat who lives at the Holden Veterinary Clinic and made it through the power failure on her own.
Later, American Shorthair cats were introduced into the breed in the United States to increase the size of the cat and provide greater variety of patterns and colors.

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