American water spaniel

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Amer′ican wa′ter span`iel

one of an American breed of medium-sized water spaniels having a thick, curly chocolate- or liver-colored coat.
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Noun1.American water spaniel - breed of medium-sized spaniels originating in America having chocolate or liver-colored curly coatAmerican water spaniel - breed of medium-sized spaniels originating in America having chocolate or liver-colored curly coat
water spaniel - any dog of two large curly-coated breeds used for hunting waterfowl
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Under Boykin's tutelage, the stray became a talented duck/ turkey dog and was crossed with several breeds, possibly including the Chesapeake Bay retriever, springer spaniel, cocker spaniel and American water spaniel.
"They absolutely live to hunt," says Charlie Schlatter, of New Brighton, Minn., and a director of the American Water Spaniel Club.
The dog in the picture is Drake, our American water spaniel.
IN THE MIDDLE of the 19th century, Upper Midwestern market hunters developed the American water spaniel as a combination waterfowl and upland gamebird hunter--and as a canine buddy in their often-lonely lives.
The American water spaniel (AWS) and Boykin spaniel give waterfowl hunters two options ranging from 2.5 to 4-5 pounds.
The modern-day American water spaniel was developed primarily in the Midwest.
On April 1, 2011, AKC allowed the American water spaniel (AWS), classified as a spaniel, to run in retriever tests, to the great delight of many dedicated AWS fans, for they had been seeking "dual classification" (as both a spaniel and a retriever) for decades and refused to accept either single AKC offered to allow them to run in both hunting test formats.
During the first period, American wildfowlers developed four homegrown, regional breeds: Chesapeake Bay retriever, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, American water spaniel and Boykin spaniel.
The Boykin is one of only four sporting breeds developed in North America, the others being the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever and American water spaniel. It is thought the Boykin spaniel was created by breeding the latter two breeds, as well as the English springer spaniel and cocker.
The photography and composition was great, and Gary March shared the compassion and love for water fowling and his American water spaniel, River.
During a training session, Dave and I inadvertently let Chester and Jug, a cocky American water spaniel, out of the trailer at the same time.

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