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v. A·mer·i·can·ized, A·mer·i·can·iz·ing, A·mer·i·can·iz·es
1. To make American in form, style, or character.
2. To absorb or assimilate into American culture.
3. To bring under American influence or control.
To become American, as in spirit.

A·mer′i·can·i·za′tion (-kə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
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[əˈmɛrɪkənaɪzd] Americanised (British) adj [country, culture, language] → américanisé(e)
to become Americanized → s'américaniserAmerican plan n (US) (in hotels)pension f complèteAmerican sign language nlangue f des signes américaine
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Eilis finds love with a young Italian man who has become thoroughly Americanized, complete with being an avid Dodgers fan.
Raheel Shaban That should have read 'Americanized' to really make an impact with your statement Gary Blackmore Everyone likes a bargain.
"The West seeks to produce Americanized non-Americans, which means Americanizing the beliefs, culture, life styles, behavior models and even the clothes and food styles of those people who aren't US nationals," Salami said in a speech in Tehran last Monday.
"The West seeks to produce Americanized non-American, which means Americanizing the belief, culture, life style, behavior model and even the clothes and food style of those people who aren't the US nationals," Salami said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Monday.
How Lebanon is being "Americanized" After 2005, the French influence is gone and Lebanon is more and more becoming red, white and blue.
So if you wanted purity it should have been "Americanized", which incidentally has always remained the American version, more pure actually than the recent British version.
She is in her early 40s, she is Palestinian, she has an Americanized teenage son, she lives in the West Bank, she is overweight, she recently lost her husband to a younger and thinner woman, she works at a bank, she is middle class, she daily deals with Israeli military power, her future is fast running out.Suddenly, something special happens: She wins the green-card lottery and has the chance to move to America with her Americanized son and start a new life.
The combo's most recent show, "Americanized," digs deep into the concept of what it means to be American, and comes up with some gritty, sometimes-uncomfortable truths and a whole lot of funk.
The purpose of this study was to test the reliability, validity, and sensitivity of the Americanized version of the GNDS.
Originally pioneered in Finland, the company has "North Americanized the technology," says company CFO Ed Rose, to use underutilized species thanks to some "tweaking" in the control process.
Buckaroo is the Americanized version of vaquero (vah-KER-oh), Spanish for "cowboy." The cowboy's lasso, chaps, and rodeo are also Mexican in origin.