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American sign language: a language in which meaning is conveyed by hand gestures and their position in relation to the upper part of the body. Abbreviation: ASL
[C20: from Ame(rican) s(ign) lan(guage)]

Amer′ican Sign′ Lan`guage

a visual-gesture language, having its own semantic and syntactic structure, used by deaf people in the U.S. and English-speaking parts of Canada. Abbr.: ASL


an acronym for the American Sign Language for the Deaf, a system of communication through gestures and hand signals.
See also: Deafness
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Segun Maturana y Varela, gorilas y chimpances han aprendido a comunicarse mediante el Ameslan (American Sign Language), el idioma internacional que usan los sordomudos.
Es cierto que, como hemos indicado mas arriba, hay experiencias con animales mas inteligentes que los mono s velvet, como ciertos chimpances, que parecen tener capacidades conceptuales muy notables y utilizar el ameslan y otro tipo de sistemas comunicativos.
A pilot investigation of three factors of the 16PF Form E, comparing the standard written form with an Ameslan videotape revision.