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n.1.(Eccl.) Amice, a hood or cape. See 2d Amice.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Speaking in the Commons, Mr Amess said there have "already been concerns" about taking away free TV licences for over-75s.
WHITELEAS: A Beadle lbw Neilson 0, A Shaw b C Mann 23, N Ullah c Amess b Jackson 55, R McRae not out 7, B Iqbal not out 9.
Amess and Burnham are friends now, but back then the man who now hopes to be elected Labour leader would have cheerfully put his foot through the telly.
Dans le cadre de cette activite sociale, 100112 Dirhams ont ete verses a l'association IDMAJ, 51 630 dirhams a l'AMESS, 114 907 dirhams a l'heure joyeuse, 36 636 dirhams a AMARDEV et 47 260 dirhams a l'Association solidarite feminine (ASF).
Kaily Amess, 22, attacked Wendy Barbour, 44, after hearing her accent and told her to "take herself back to Scotland".
Mike Amess, who is retail assistant, said that he feels queasy and unstable whenever he hears the sound of the Kardashians' nasal voices or he catches a glimpse of them on screen, the Mirror reported.
Up stepped Tory David Amess who was then given a pool cue, shown which end to hit the ball with and went on to lose!
Research by a national paper identified Tory MPs David Amess and Peter Luff, and Liberal Democrat ex-defence minister Nick Harvey among those letting out properties while also claiming expenses for renting.
LastweekIcalled Liverpool"amess"and theirdefenceinthesecond halfagainstManCity warrantedthatdescription.
The audience included members of both the House of Lords and the Commons including Rt Hon The Lord Naseby, Chairman of the APPG-SL, Lord Hussain of Luton, Lord Dholakia, Lord King of Westbromwich, Lord Loomba, Lord Rogan and MPs Mr Stephen Hammond, Mr David Amess, Mr James Wharton, Mr Mike Gapes, Mr Andrew Rosindell, Mrs Heather Wheeler, Mr Nick De Boris, Mr Mark Pritchard, several senior London based diplomats, Foreign & Commonwealth officials and Commonwealth Secretariat officials were in attendance.
David Amess complained that "one or two" of the corporation's top women stars kept smiling inappropriately when introducing serious stories.