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 (ăm-hăr′ĭk, äm-hä′rĭk)
A Semitic language that is the official language of Ethiopia.

[After Amhara, a former kingdom of northwest Ethiopia.]

Am·har′ic adj.
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(Languages) the official language of Ethiopia, belonging to the SE Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family
(Languages) denoting or relating to this language
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(æmˈhær ɪk, ɑmˈhɑr-)
a Semitic language that is the official language of the Ethiopian state.
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Noun1.Amharic - the dominant and official language of Ethiopia; a Semitic language much influenced by the Cushitic language with which Amhara have been in close contact
Semitic - a major branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family
Adj.1.Amharic - related to or characteristic of or written in AmharicAmharic - related to or characteristic of or written in Amharic; "the Amharic language"
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1. adjamarico/a
2. n (language) → amarico
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CPJ last month documented the arrest and detention of two media workers with the privately owned Amharic language Satellite Radio and Television (ASRAT) media, Berihun Adane and Getachew Ambachew.
(4,5) The purpose of this pilot study is to explore the efficacy of introducing the phrase "Ye-Angol Tikat" as standardized terminology to describe stroke as "brain attack" in the Amharic language.
SIS headquarters - File photo CAIRO, Feb 10 (MENA) - Egypt's State Information Service (SIS) launched Sunday morning a comprehensive portal in six languages; Arabic, English, French, Swahili and Hausa, while the version in the Amharic Language will be launched within days.
The region has its own language, Oromo, which is distinct from Ethiopia's official Amharic language, according to ( Agence France-Presse.
A 1923 map of Ethiopia, commissioned in the Amharic language by Prince Regent Haile Selassie after the country's entry into the League of Nations, exemplifies the use of cartography to instil a sense of national unity.
In Ethiopia, the Amharic language has an emotional architecture.
The festival took place in a joyful atmosphere at the headquarters of African Union in Addis Ababa on Saturday, and students coming from several countries including the US, Tunisia, Tajikistan and South Korea sang songs in Turkish as well as Amharic language, English, Arabian, French and German.
The word comes from the Amharic language. Teff means "lost," a reference to the fact that the grains are so small that dropped grains will be impossible to find.
A book titled Iran compiled in Amharic language (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia) was also unveiled during the ceremony.
Though criticized for being conservative and devoting much of her time to religious purposes, Empress Zewditu Menelik (the daughter and immediate successor of Emperor Menelik II) is credited for launching universal education to all school-age children (identified by the Empress as ages 7-21) in the Amharic language. Her education proclamation in 1929 stated: