n.1.(Pharm.) A colorless liquid prepared from herring brine and containing amines, used as a local antiseptic.
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99 mega paschal with Aminol forte, huimny forte, Kadostim, Kinetine, 6-Benzylamino purine + Kinetine and also water purred can be success on dormancy break and boosted the characters related to germination will be increased on Fennel and its bad effects is less and on the other hand, using of lower concentrations reduces this features or it may be avoided generally (table 3).
99 mega paschal with applying of Aminol forte in Malayer variety has significant different between others exception water pure concentrated -0.
99 mega paschal in relation with Aminol Forte, hummy Forte, Kadostum, kinetin, benzyl Adenine + kinetin and also water pure in Malayer type can break effectively dormancy and can be boosted the characteristics related to germination on fennel and reduce the negative effects and in other way, the features are increased by using of lower concentrations or be possible to stop entirely it.
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