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A city of northern Turkey northeast of Ankara on Samsun Bay, an inlet of the Black Sea. In ancient times Samsun was an important Greek colony.


(Turkish ˈsɑmsun)
(Placename) a port in N Turkey, on the Black Sea. Pop: 395 000 (2005 est). Ancient name: Amisus



a city in N Turkey, in Asia. 326,900.
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Polemo II's Pontus extended east along the coast from the Halys River, west of Amisus, up to Dioscurias/Sebastopolis.
96) Amisus, like Trapezus a free city, had a direct highway connection to the legionary base at Satala and offers another potential port for supplies and a station for the classis Pontica.
0/0/-86--When Lucius Cornelius Sulla occupied Athens in 86 BC, he carried off the library of Appellicon to Rome, where they were first published in 60 BC by the grammarian Tyrranion of Amisus and then by philosopher Andronicus of Rhodes.