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 (ä-män′, ä′män)
The capital and largest city of Jordan, in the northwest part of the country. Occupying a site inhabited since prehistoric times, the city was known as Philadelphia while the Romans and Byzantines controlled it.


(Placename) the capital of Jordan, northeast of the Dead Sea: ancient capital of the Ammonites, rebuilt by Ptolemy in the 3rd century bc. Pop: 1 292 000 (2005 est). Ancient names: Rabbath Ammon or Philadelphia


(ɑˈmɑn, ˈɑ mɑn)

the capital of Jordan, in the W part. 777,500. Also called Rabbah, Rabbath.
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Noun1.Amman - the capital and largest city of JordanAmman - the capital and largest city of Jordan
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan - an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea


[əˈmɑːn] NAmmán m
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For the fourth consecutive year, IFC and stock exchanges around the world, including the Amman Stock Exchange, will Ring the Bell for Gender Equality to celebrate International Womens Day 2018a partnership that highlights how the private sector can spur womens participation in the global economy and promote sustainable development.
Summary: Move allows Equiti to be a member of the Amman Stock Exchange
The Bank of Jordan, licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan, was established in 1960 as a public shareholding limited company with headquarters in Amman, and its shares listed on Amman Stock Exchange.
It is regulated by Central Bank of Jordan as a commercial bank and listed on Amman stock exchange.
1999 Kuwait Stock Exchange signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with Jordan's Amman Stock Exchange.
In a statement to the Amman Stock Exchange, The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance (HBTF) has revealed pretax profits of JOD 177 million, up by 9.
A full-service bank in Jordan and Palestine, it was founded in 1960 under the regulation of the Central Bank of Jordan and is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange.
year ago, the institution said in its October 2012 statement to the Amman Stock Exchange, a jump which it attributed to rising net interest
The all-share index of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) gained 1.
As many as 14 stock exchanges, including Kuwait Stock Exchange, Saudi Stock Exchange, Egyptian Stock Exchange, Bahrain Stock Exchange, Beirut Stock Exchange, Doha Securities Market, Tunis stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Market, Amman Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Muscat Securities Market and Libyan Stock Market, are members of the union.
The Amman Stock Exchange in Jordan announced that Lebanese investments had risen to the tune of $1.
Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank (JDIB) has made its market debut on the Amman stock exchange last Wednesday, nearly 18 months after UAE based investors bought a majority stake in a local Jordanian bank and re-branded it.