Sand darter

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(Zool.) a small etheostomoid fish of the Ohio valley (Ammocrypta pellucida).

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I had a delight in that stupid collection of monkish legends which I cannot account for now, and which persisted in spite of the nightmare confusion it made of my ancient Greeks and Romans.
A similar circumstance was observed after an earthquake at Valparaiso, Calabria, and other places, including some of the ancient Greek temples.
Yes, I speak five of the modern tongues -- that is to say, German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish; by the aid of ancient Greek I learned modern Greek -- I don't speak it so well as I could wish, but I am still trying to improve myself.
He had picked up a trifle, he said, which was rather a curiosity, it was an ancient Greek dagger of the Mycenaean Epoch, and might well have been worn in the time of Theseus and Hippolyta.
New localities for Notropis buchanani, Fundulus diaphanus menona, Aphredoderus sayanus, Ammocrypta pellucida, and Percina sciera have been recorded from the Western basin.
The Discovery of the Ammocrypta clara (western sand darter) in the upper Ohio River of West Virginia.
Ammocrypta beanii (= Ammocrypta gelida)--USNM 27425 (2 syntypes of Ammocrypta gelida);
Descriptions of protolarvae of the sand darters (Percidae: Ammocrypta and Crystallaria) with comments on systematic relationships.
Formerly, this species was included in the genus Ammocrypta, but we follow Simons (1991) in placing it in Crystallaria (previously a subgenus of Ammocrypta).
Assessment of the range of the threatened darter, Ammocrypta pellucida (Putnam), from the Maumee River Basin, Indiana.
Rare and imperiled species records included the Eastern Sand Darter, Ammocrypta pellucida, and Harlequin Darter, Etheostoma histrio, from the Vernon Fork Muscatatuck River.